Phelan Septic Tank Disposal

At Phelan Septic Tank Disposal we pride ourselves in offering, our friendly, local and affordable septic tank emptying service. Homeowers and schools across the country have relied on us to emtpy their septic tanks.

Phelan Septic Tank Disposal are a fully licensed waste disposal company. All customers get relevant documentation and this is very important as house to house septic tank inspections are being done by the local authorities

Regularly emptying your septic tank helps to avoid the risk of overflow, blockage and costly damage to your system and the environment.
The following signs may be letting you know your septic tank needs to be emptied:

  • Water Pooling in different areas
  • Foul or unusual odours in the area of the septic tank
  • Gurgling sounds in your pipes
  • Overflowing sludge or scum

The frequency with which you’ll need to empty your septic tank, will depend on the size and type of tank you have and the number of users. As a guide, we recommend that you arrange to empty your tank at least every year.

So what do we do?

We send out one of our friendly drivers and tanker which are fitted with long flexible hoses. The hose is rolled out and placed into the septic tank and using very powerful suction will empty all of the waste. Each tank is emptied, all gullies are checked and cleaned to a high standard.



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